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Technical Communications and SIEM Onboarding

Log Collection and Centralization to SIEM

We work with your team to develop a log collection/centralization and log monitoring strategy and implementation plan. This includes:

Determining which sources to collect events based on the overall system overview.

Log collection optimization

Onboarding and centralization

A singular person dedicated to this portion of the work may provide your team with capacity to focus on other defensive efforts.

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Technical Documentation and Infrastucture

We work with your developer team to surface your API and technical documentation to provide practical value for your developers and engineers.

We have experience in REST API documentation, but we are open to learning other methods that is implemented by your company.

We offer both setup advisory and implementation.

We have experience in a number of frameworks including Jinja2, Sphinx, ReadTheDocs, Asciidoc, static site generators and Bootstrap.

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B2D Technical Product Writing

With a graduate degree in Information Technology and a Media and Communications undergraduate, as well as practical experience both in marketing, technical marketing and in IT, we offer a knowledgeable perspective for your product beyond the veneer.

These include White Papers, Technical Data Sheets, Technical Blog Posts, Solutions Briefs and more.

Only material aimed at developer and technical audiences are eligible. Items such as SEO writing, writing for content farming and other such practices are not provided.

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